Introduction. This live performance was done by Robert W.

Smith. It was done on Tuesday, November 15, 2011, 8. 00 PM at McKenna theatre at San Francisco or New Paltz.

The artist performed an Africa, Ceremony Music and Ritua. The hall was well structured with the effectiveness stage established with wide variety of instruments this kind of as guitars and piano.

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The hall was fully packed with audience who inquisitively waited for the enjoy to be staged. The stage seemed elegant with sprinkles of colourful lights. The performers who appeared incredible with black and white suits rounded up with a wide variety of musical attires rocked the hall and held the viewers anticipating the demonstrate. Was this for the motive that artist was extremely well-known? Or experienced the musical stirred up curiosity in the viewers, or equally? Regardless of what the reasons, this multitude appeared badly into the concert. Objective description of the new music.

The first effectiveness was a symphonic band staged by Robert Smith. It was prepared by Amparito Roca and first carried out in Wind Symphony Theater.

The instruments comprised of a large pitched sounding consonance which was established at a tranquil mood in the introductory phase of the tune (Stein and Spillman 45). A saxophone together with a piano spiced up the melody of the music in a charming method. As the tune sophisticated, the saxophone took the middle phase, boosting the texture as the other instrument accompanied it. The steady rhythm seemed to start obtaining greater and larger until the peak of the tune. At this individual second, the tune dynamics mentioned getting louder permitting all the instruments converge at the peak with a spherical pound, only to revert to a average stage and finally into summary (Stein and Spillman 45).

The 2nd overall performance which associated the same group was characteristically fused with intermittent pauses that ended up accompanied by spherical of applause from the crowd. Voice and tonal variants dominated the music from the commencing to the finish.

The melody associated rising and slipping patterns from time to time. The rhythm was also very adaptable, with assorted designs which mostly came from the instrumentation and the soloist himself. Also very repeated was variations from long notes to limited notes, which rhymed with the rhythmic versions (Stein and Spillman 45). At periods, certain sample of notes appeared to adjust steadily whilst other times they adjusted quickly and unexpectedly. Even though most of the pieces of the song have been homophonic, as the rhythm transcended, the instruments ended up made use of to transform the song to a polyphonic texture.

In other words and phrases, notes are started off in a less complicated and homophonic manner, only to change into a intricate and polyphonic texture, with a mixture of orchestration. While the tone seemed softer and gradual at some phase, it abruptly turned into a loud tone. Just like the tone, the tempo of the track was adaptable. Tempo went together with rhythmic variants. At times the speed of the tune was slow, although other time it gradually or instantly greater. Frequently, the tune managed to evoke audience emotions by use of dynamic adjust (Stein and Spillman 45).

Subjective reactions to the tunes. The effectiveness was exceptionally charming and strongly provoked my thoughts.