Department of
International Business Studies (IBS)

Doing business with the international market is an interesting but tough challenge. Many countries around the globe are becoming increasingly important trading partners particularly with Asian countries. Therefore specialists are needed who are well equipped to take on this challenge.

The Department of International Business Studies at BUFT which has been established in the year 2018 to meet that challenge. The department provides challenging and innovative teaching in the field of international business studies, a rapidly growing area of study concerned with the business, trade commerce, and economy.

The department is a pioneer in international business research and education, teaching business practices that balance profits with people and the planet.

The degrees we offer are informed by world-class research and supported by the work of more than 20 experts in their fields. This means that as a BUFT graduate, you will be ideally positioned to take advantage of new and exciting opportunities globally.

Program of Study

The department of international business studies which operates under the umbrella of faculty of business studies of BUFT offers a graduate program leading to Master of International Business Studies and an undergraduate program leading to Bachelor of International Business Studies degree.

Master of International Business Studies (Proposed)

As a student of Master of International Business Studies you will acquire broad knowledge of international management, marketing, organizations, finance, trade and commerce. You will also develop relevant professional skills, such as intercultural teamwork, planning, leadership and business communication. You will also learn about the enormous diversity of other cultures and learn to deal with social and cultural differences in order to enter into trade relations with business partners worldwide.

Students are kept in close contact with the professional world. The study program is taught in English.

Upon successful completion of the program, students will be granted the degree of Master of Business Administration (MBA) in International Business.

Bachelor of International Business Studies (Proposed)

The Bachelor of International Business Studies degree is designed to create dynamic and resourceful business people in answer to the local and international skills gaps. Students opt for the program will study a range of business, language and cultural topics, and develop essential business skills in communication, information technology, teamwork, and problem solving—all vital for success in today's global business environment.

The department is particularly proud of the caliber of its international exchange partners who rank among the top academic institutions in their respective countries.

The combination of business knowledge, language proficiency and cultural competence will make you stand out in the global workforce of today.

Accreditation of the Programs

All programs offered by the department of international business studies have been designed as per the guidelines of the University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh, and have been submitted for approval.