1. Which of the following is leaf fibre?
    a. Ramie b. Banana c. Flax d. Sisal
  2. Which of the following fibres can be produced using wet spinning technology?
    a. Viscose b. Jute c. Cotton d. Coir
  3. The incorrect statement among the following is-
    a. Jute is a bast fibre
    b. Caprolactum is the raw material used for Nylon 6
    c. Silk is a seed fibre
    d. Viscose is a regenerated cellulosic fibre
  4. Aspect ratio (length/diameter) in case of staple fibres is generally of the order of ——————–
  5. Does natural fiber need any scouring process (removing impurities from fiber) : Yes/No
  6. Parallel arrangement of polymer chain in polymer are called – Amorphous/Crystalline Polymer
  7. Does amorphous fiber permit moisture in their system? – Yes/No
  8. What do you think which fiber is stronger? – Amorphous/Manmade/Crystalline/Natural